What To Expect

Counseling is a deeply personal process for an individual during which the counselor shares sacred space with the client. 

A.C.E.S. practices a person-centered, holistic, collaborative approach to counseling. The therapist’s role is to provide

feedback, offer support, and provide resources as the client explores their concerns, identifies solutions, and develops

plans of action that best fit their chosen life journey. To accomplish this, traditional psychotherapeutic techniques as well

as transpersonal and mind-body evidenced-based techniques are implemented in consultation with the client. 

Therapeutic orientations selected depend upon the client’s needs and preferred style.  Sessions will focus on one or more

more of the following: self-awareness, self-assessment, choice, problem solving, and goal setting. Other areas of counseling

may include an exploration of individual empowerment and responsibility, personal values and life meanings, client strengths

and limitations, self-concept, acceptance, and change.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in duration, however, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) sessions

are generally 90 minutes in duration. We will schedule our sessions by mutual agreement.

Outside of the counseling session, there may be homework assignments such as journal writing, reading, art, or other 

methods of self-discovery and expression. The results of these assignments will be followed up during counseling sessions 

to aid the development of self-awareness and healing.

Services are rendered in a professional manner consistent with ethical standards.  You will be challenged in a caring and

empathetic manner to examine yourself and seek alternative options and strategies for experiencing life.  Examples of

techniques used include: (1) role plays; (2) guided imagery; (3) dream work; (4) exception noting;(5) clinical hypnosis;

(5) eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy; and (6) meditation.

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